PyAlgoViz Privacy Policy

Personal info

When you login to PyAlgoViz, we only receive your email address, which will be the only personal information we obtain and store about you.

How we collect info

When you run code snippets, save them, and share them, your activity is labeled and recorded using your email address as the unique identifier.

How we use your info

We only use your email address to identify what algorithms you run, and remember what code snippets you save and share with others.

When we share your info

We do not share any details of your activity with any third party other than by listing your published contributions on our main site.

How we store your info

Where your info lives

Your email address lives in our database as an attribute of the code that you save and/or share with others.

How long we keep your info

The email address associated with your code is stored as long as your code is published. To delete all your code, edit your files and delete them, in order to erase all public references to your account at this site.


Contact us

Chris Laffra